Triple Crown Pet Resort is a purpose built accommodation centre for dogs of all breeds, all sizes, all ages, all temperaments and all energy levels. The Triple Crown Pet Resort is a family run business where we are dedicated to caring for your precious pet, as though it were our own.

We are situated conveniently in the heart of Londonderry, in Western Sydney. Our modern and luxurious facilities provide the best quality accommodation for your pet, at economy prices that are appreciated by our clients.

Our team of professional canine carers will ensure that your dog is happy and well looked after. We have personnel on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and experienced staff on roster to ensure that your pet is safe and secure at all times, and in good health during its stay. For peace of mind we have easy access to 24hr veterinary care and immediately seek their professional assistance should your pet show signs of needing it. Our property is covered by video camera surveillance.

We have a great love of dogs, and this is why we do so much to ensure that your pet feels safe, happy and secure.

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